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Error Linux HDD Recovery


I have my backup disks here because my server got hacked and we didn't like how liquidweb made the things. So we ask them to ship us the disk. They ran photorec and they got lots of .gz files from it. All accounts I would say. But 50% of them the .tar.gz files came corrupt. And is lefting all the big accounts and until now I haven't seen any corrupted file that came with MySQL. And I think MySQL is most important to all clients.

Do you any suggestion to make me? Software, Tutorials. It's very urgent.
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I would suggest a cool recovery tool for your Linux hard drive recovery called Stellar Phoenix Linux Recovery Software which is quite initiative and user friendly.try this software and see the good results.gud luck
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Originally Posted by asturmas
They ran photorec and they got lots of .gz files from it.
photorec recovers photos, not good for much else.
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