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Old 07-01-2002
Move hard disk to another SCSI host

I was using an external SCSI disk on a Sun Ultra60 (Solaris 7) as the boot device. It was labelled c1t0d0. I then moved it into the internal removable mounts and it should become c0t0d0, but it apparently didn't change properly. When the machine boots, it gets host information from the disk (because it tells me its name) and forces me into single user mode, saying it "can't stat" the filesystem at c0t0d0s0. At that point, running format says that it can't find any disks. I look in /dev/dsk and there are slices for the CDROM and slices for c1t0d0, but I can't mount either c0t0d0s0 or c1t0d0s0. It says that neither exist. The probe-scsi command at the 'ok' prompt says the disk is there. When I boot from the CD into single user mode, I can mount c0t0d0s0 with no problems. I've tried setting the disk label from the format prompt and I've also made sure that the firmware points to the correct boot device. Also, I did run the 'boot -r' from the 'ok' prompt and while in the CD single user mode, I put a /reconfigure file at root. One more thing I made sure of was that the /etc/vfstab entries had the "c0t0d0" for all slices. Nothing has helped. Any ideas?
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Old 07-01-2002
Whoa! I don't believe that I woulda tried that. Well I am not really a Sun guy and I have never used Solaris 7. Still I will make a few wild guesses. Remember though, no money back guarantee or anything...

My guess is that the OS can't get far enough into the boot processes to run the scripts that a reconfig boot would invoke. So you have a chicken and egg problem. I can think of two things that might be worth a try. I don't understand either of them well and in fact I would need to flip a coin to pick which to try first.

First, /etc/system has some comments in it talking about setting the parameter rootdev to override the root device. Take a look at your /etc/system and look at the commented example of setting the root device. You might try that.

Next, if you can get into single user mode, you might try running the stuff that a reconfigure reboot would run. The things that look appropriate are:

Well good luck, dude, you're gonna need it. If you get that thing up to multi-user mode, let us know what did the trick.
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Old 07-02-2002
Good ideas, but the /etc/system file didn't help and I can't even get back to single user mode now. It flashes a message and reboots (it reboots about 1/2 of a second after it shows this 6 line message). So, I don't even know what it said, but I can't waste time. I'm not a quitter, but I can't keep this machine out for long, so I'm reinstalling. I know Solaris is touchy when you move the boot slice or copy it, so this probably isn't supposed to work with ease. Thanks for your help, though. I certainly have learned a few things.
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