Tape Drive Connected to a Sun Ultra 10/Solaris 2.7

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Old 04-01-2002
Tape Drive Connected to a Sun Ultra 10/Solaris 2.7

I have a Sun Ultra 10/Solaris 2.7 with a differential SCSI card connected to a Supter DLt1 Tape Drive. When I boot the machine, and I do a probe-scsi-all in the very beginning of the boot process. It shows up correctly. If I wait for the boot process to proceed and then I do a probe-scsi-all, I get a Bus fault error.

Any clues as to how I get debug the problem. I have a feeling that the SCSI card OR the tape drive are damaged.

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Old 04-03-2002
Hello brv,
I have a little dilemma with your problem discription.
You perform a stop-a, and then on the OBP you execude the probe-scsi-all command ? I canīt understand the different between the two situations.

However, if you look inside the /dev/rmt/ directory you can see the tape ?
If not ? First of all try this :

Errors appear ?
If the tape is now on this system dir, try to write something on an empty tape.
regards joerg
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