Clustered filesystem which one to pick

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Clustered filesystem which one to pick

Hi all,

I'm a bit new to advanced filesystem types. I've just only learned that if you wish to share a single fibre channel extent with many servers you need to use a clustered filesystem to prevent data corruption.

looking through a list of clustered file systems I saw gfs2 which I thought might be a good one to use. but is it the best for what I need or want to do?

I have a large 7TB fibre channel extent which is accessible by 14+ servers on the fibre channel network. I'd like each server to be able to use this storage space for the vHDs of their running VMs. I don't want to split up this 7TB into 500GB vdisks so each server can have a slice.

So I understand I need a special filesystem to do this. what would you recommend?

If it is an important detail I'll mention these 14 servers are Openstack Newton Nova/Compute nodes. (Ubuntu 16.04.3LTS)

my guess is I would have to format the drive as GFS2 from one of the 14 servers and then gfs mount it from all 14 servers

please let me know what you think of GFS2
or comment on what I' doing.
I'll gladly supply more info on my setup if you need it!


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i guess I can change my question to ask:

is there a distributed filesystem I can use on a large fiber channel drive that will let multiple servers write to the drive without corrupting data, but that doesn't require a controlling/clustering server like CEPH and GFS2 does?

not sure if I asked that question with the correct terms but maybe it will generate some discussion in the area I'm unsure about, thx!
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