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Some question about SAN on HP 4400 EVA

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# 8  
San arrived today,turned on and..

I have some errors
The disk shelf is 04(mean no link?)
the module say "unknown"
i have connect as this
c1=controller  c2=controller2  1=left  2=right  d1=disk shelf1  d2=disk shel2   c1-1-------------------------d1-1  c1-2------------------------d2-2  c2-1-------------------------d1-2  c2-2------------------------d2-1

What's wrong?
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XltWorking(3X)															    XltWorking(3X)

XltWorking - Convenience function to display a Working dialog, and update the bar graph in the dialog.
#include <Xlt/Xlt.h> Boolean XltWorking(widget, question, percent_done) Widget widget; String question; int percentdone;
XltWorking Creates a dialog containing a message string, a bar showing the percentage of the task complete, and an abort button. When called with a percent_done value of zero the dialog is managed, and a timer installed to update the bar every second. If question is not NULL, the message string in the dialog is set to this. When called with a percent_done of 100, the dialog is un-managed. If called with a percent_done of -1, only the message is changed. Any value between 0 and 100 will cause the bar graph to be updated the next time the timer fires, and processes any pending timer and X events. If the return value is True, the user has requested that the task should be aborted. widget The widget to wait for. question The message to display in the working dialog. Or NULL, meaning no change. percent_done The percentage of the task complete. 0 will cause the dialog to be managed. 100 will cause the dialog to be un-managed. -1 will update the question only. Any value between 0 and 100 will update the bar graph.
Boolean, if True the abort button was pushed, or the window was closed by the window manager.

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