MDADM Failure - where it came from?

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Kernel Version

its the amd64 kernel from debian wheezy backports 3.16. i think its a problem with the marvel chipset. i found some other who have those problems in the net, but i am not sure.
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sasl_errors(3)							  SASL man pages						    sasl_errors(3)

sasl_errors - SASL error codes SYNOPSIS
#include <sasl/sasl.h> DESCRIPTION
The following are the general error codes that may be returned by calls into the SASL library, and their meanings (that may vary slightly based on context): Common Result Codes SASL_OK Success SASL_CONTINUE Another step is needed in authentication SASL_FAIL Generic Failure SASL_NOMEM Memory shortage failure SASL_BUFOVER Overflowed buffer SASL_NOMECH Mechanism not supported / No mechanisms matched requirements SASL_BADPROT Bad / Invalid Protocol or Protocol cancel SASL_NOTDONE Can't request information / Not applicable until later in exchange SASL_BADPARAM Invalid Parameter Supplied SASL_TRYAGAIN Transient Failure (e.g. weak key) SASL_BADMAC Integrity Check Failed SASL_NOTINIT SASL library not initialized Client-only Result Codes SASL_INTERACT Needs user interaction SASL_BADSERV Server failed mutual authentication step SASL_WRONGMECH Mechanism does not support requested feature Server-only Result Codes SASL_BADAUTH Authentication Failure SASL_NOAUTHZ Authorization Failure SASL_TOOWEAK Mechanism too weak for this user SASL_ENCRYPT Encryption needed to use mechanism SASL_TRANS One time use of a plaintext password will enable requested mechanism for user SASL_EXPIRED Passphrase expired, must be reset SASL_DISABLED Account Disabled SASL_NOUSER User Not Found SASL_BADVERS Version mismatch with plug-in SASL_NOVERIFY USer exists, but no verifier for user Password Setting Result Codes SASL_PWLOCK Passphrase locked SASL_NOCHANGE Requested change was not needed SASL_WEAKPASS Passphrase is too week for security policy. SASL_NOUSERPASS User supplied passwords are not permitted CONFORMING TO
sasl(3) SASL
10 July 2001 sasl_errors(3)

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