Maximum Memory RAM for windows 7 32 bit

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Maximum Memory RAM for windows 7 32 bit

i have just installed 4 gb RAM ddr3 on OS Windows 7 32 bit.
In "manage peripherals" i see this section:

Memory installed (ram) : 4,00 gb (2,30gb usable)

Why only 2,30 gb usable ?
In Windows 7 32bit the maximum size is not 3,00gb ?

see file attached, please
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Probably due to integrated graphics.
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Why ?
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Heard of Google?

Because it has to share memory with the CPU so as to; 1) function correctly and 2) increase graphics performance.

On_(mother)_board graphics is generally very limited and any help is welcome hence memory sharing...

This explains it better than me:-

Shared graphics memory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Try this link:-
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