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ext3: No journal on filesystem on dm-0

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Old 10-28-2005
ext3: No journal on filesystem on dm-0

Hi Linuxers,

I am a newbie here and loggin this facilities regularly.

Recently my PC experience a power trip, my system could not boot up after restarting.

I did the following :

- Boot up with "linux rescue" using installation disk FC3
- In a shell, run "lvm vgchange --ignorelockingfailure -P -a y"
- since / parition is not mountable, I run "mknod /dev/dm-0 b 253 0"
- fsck -y /dev/dm-0, it took a long time but it clean now
- mount /dev/dm-0 /tmpRoot
- found out that there were NOTHING! except the lost+found directory which contains many files with a "#" prefix
- Restart the system but still could not boot up
One of the message says "ext3: No journal on filesystem on dm-0"

I am in a fix and what should I do now ?

Anyone could shed some light would be greatly appreciated!


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E2UNDO(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 E2UNDO(8)

e2undo - Replay an undo log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem SYNOPSIS
e2undo [ -f ] [ -h ] [ -n ] [ -o offset ] [ -v ] [ -z undo_file ] undo_log device DESCRIPTION
e2undo will replay the undo log undo_log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem found on device. This can be used to undo a failed operation by an e2fsprogs program. OPTIONS
-f Normally, e2undo will check the filesystem superblock to make sure the undo log matches with the filesystem on the device. If they do not match, e2undo will refuse to apply the undo log as a safety mechanism. The -f option disables this safety mechanism. -h Display a usage message. -n Dry-run; do not actually write blocks back to the filesystem. -o offset Specify the filesystem's offset (in bytes) from the beginning of the device or file. -v Report which block we're currently replaying. -z undo_file Before overwriting a file system block, write the old contents of the block to an undo file. This undo file can be used with e2undo(8) to restore the old contents of the file system should something go wrong. If the empty string is passed as the undo_file argument, the undo file will be written to a file named e2undo-device.e2undo in the directory specified via the E2FSPROGS_UNDO_DIR environment variable. WARNING: The undo file cannot be used to recover from a power or system crash. AUTHOR
e2undo was written by Aneesh Kumar K.V. ( AVAILABILITY
e2undo is part of the e2fsprogs package and is available from SEE ALSO
mke2fs(8), tune2fs(8) E2fsprogs version 1.44.1 March 2018 E2UNDO(8)

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