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"parted" command not working in Fedora9

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Old Unix and Linux 05-18-2013   -   Original Discussion by ravisingh
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"parted" command not working in Fedora9

I ran the foll. command:

parted /dev/sdb
(parted) p
mkpart primary 1GB 1.5GB

The parted command (when I print the details) outputs something like below:
1 2048MB .......

what I want to bring in your notice that only 1 row came showing the complete size of the disk (detachable device) although I created 2 partitions with fdisk command.

The output of the below differs from above

fdisk /dev/sdb
(....): p

It outputs 2 rows as I created 2 partitions. Why then parted command doesn't show it and shows the total size of the disk.

My other question :
When I put a fresh pendrive (without partitioning) it shows as one. (I mean it doesn't show that there are any partitions as I havent created any which is fine). Now when I create a partition say /dev/sdb1 (of /dev/sdb) then the output of fdisk shows sdb1. What about the remaining space. Now after creating a partition (sdb1), why then only sdb1 can be mounted and not the other part. Because earlier when there was no partition , it had mounted the complete disk.
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Old Unix and Linux 05-18-2013   -   Original Discussion by ravisingh
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1) Why don't you show the entire output of all relevant commands so we can compare and then, hopefully, conclude the reasons for any strange behaviour?
2) I think that all pen drives come "preformatted" as one large disk/partition, so you can "mount the complete disk". As soon as you interfere yourself with partition tools, you are responsible for the result, i.e. you have to partition the space (and create a file system) you want to access.
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