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automatic copying files from external hard drives

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Question automatic copying files from external hard drives

I need to make it possible to automatically copy files from an external usb hard drive to a directory when i plug it in....if you can point me in the right direction, i would be very grateful....thanks a lot. Smilie
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wxGraphicsMatrix(3erl)					     Erlang Module Definition					    wxGraphicsMatrix(3erl)

wxGraphicsMatrix - See external documentation: wxGraphicsMatrix.
See external documentation: wxGraphicsMatrix . This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxGraphicsObject
wxGraphicsMatrix() : An object reference, The representation is internal and can be changed without notice. It can't be used for comparsion stored on disc or distributed for use on other nodes.
concat(This::wxGraphicsMatrix(), T::wxGraphicsMatrix()) -> ok See external documentation . get(This::wxGraphicsMatrix()) -> {A::float(), B::float(), C::float(), D::float(), Tx::float(), Ty::float()} See external documentation . getNativeMatrix(This::wxGraphicsMatrix()) -> ok See external documentation . invert(This::wxGraphicsMatrix()) -> ok See external documentation . isEqual(This::wxGraphicsMatrix(), T::wxGraphicsMatrix()) -> bool() See external documentation . isIdentity(This::wxGraphicsMatrix()) -> bool() See external documentation . rotate(This::wxGraphicsMatrix(), Angle::float()) -> ok See external documentation . scale(This::wxGraphicsMatrix(), XScale::float(), YScale::float()) -> ok See external documentation . translate(This::wxGraphicsMatrix(), Dx::float(), Dy::float()) -> ok See external documentation . set(This::wxGraphicsMatrix()) -> ok Equivalent to set(This, []) . set(This::wxGraphicsMatrix(), Options::[Option]) -> ok Types Option = {a, float()} | {b, float()} | {c, float()} | {d, float()} | {tx, float()} | {ty, float()} See external documentation . transformPoint(This::wxGraphicsMatrix()) -> {X::float(), Y::float()} See external documentation . transformDistance(This::wxGraphicsMatrix()) -> {Dx::float(), Dy::float()} See external documentation .
<> wxErlang 0.98.9 wxGraphicsMatrix(3erl)

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