Can I Use Loopback Devices with LVM?

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Can I Use Loopback Devices with LVM?

I've got a RedHat 9 box with LVM support in a 2.4.22 kernel. What I would like to do is take a set of empty files created with 'dd' and concatenate them into a volume group. I've done a good deal of googling, and it seems that this is something that can be done. But when I try to use 'pvcreate' with a plain file, I get this error:

pvcreate -- ERROR "pv_get_size(): ioctl" getting size of physical volume "vdisk1.dsk"

pvcreate [-d|--debug] [-f[f]|--force [--force]] [-h|--help]
[-s|--size PhysicalVolumeSize[kKmMgGtT]] [-y|--yes] [-v|--verbose]
[--version] PhysicalVolume [PhysicalVolume...]

I searched for this error with Google and only found one hit which didn't get any replies other than "it should work". Any ideas why it's not working?
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I would expect that to not work and your experiment proves this to be true. pvcreate needs to use ioctl's present in disk drivers.
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That makes sense. I guess this is what I expected, but the few false leads I got in Google mislead me. Thanks.
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Bug pls try this

hi dec,
pls take a note of this site and search the documntation of lvm really helps u..! Smilie
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