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I do not understand the out put of lsof -i -P -n

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Question I do not understand the out put of lsof -i -P -n

lsof -i -P -n
SystemUIS 1578 melodysneed    9u  IPv4 0x07d608ec      0t0  UDP *:*
SystemUIS 1578 melodysneed   11u  IPv4 0x0ba68810      0t0  UDP *:*
WebProces 2141 melodysneed    7u  IPv4 0x0c550748      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
WebProces 2141 melodysneed   11u  IPv4 0x049f7ee8      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)


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PLDD(1) 							 Linux User Manual							   PLDD(1)

pldd - display dynamic shared objects linked into a process
pldd pid pldd option
The pldd command displays a list of the dynamic shared objects that are linked into the process with the specified process ID. The list includes the libraries that have been dynamically loaded using dlopen(3).
-?, --help Display program help message. --usage Display a short usage message. -V, --version Display the program version.
On success, pldd exits with the status 0. If the specified process does not exist, the user does not have permission to access its dynamic shared object list, or no command-line arguments are supplied, pldd exists with a status of 1. If given an invalid option, it exits with the status 64.
pldd is available since glibc 2.15.
The pldd command is not specified by POSIX.1. Some other systems have a similar command.
The command lsof -p PID also shows output that includes the dynamic shared objects that are linked into a process. The gdb(1) info shared command also shows the shared libraries being used by a process, so that one can obtain similar output to pldd using a command such as the following (to monitor the process with the specified pid): $ gdb -ex "set confirm off" -ex "set height 0" -ex "info shared" -ex "quit" -p $pid | grep '^0x.*0x'
Since glibc 2.19, pldd is broken: it just hangs when executed. It is unclear if it will ever be fixed.
$ echo $$ # Display PID of shell 1143 $ pldd $$ # Display DSOs linked into the shell 1143: /usr/bin/bash /lib64/ /lib64/ /lib64/ /lib64/ /lib64/
ldd(1), lsof(1), dlopen(3),
This page is part of release 4.15 of the Linux man-pages project. A description of the project, information about reporting bugs, and the latest version of this page, can be found at
2017-09-15 PLDD(1)

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