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FC related disks

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Old 12-14-2010
FC related disks

Dear Friends,

I would like know what are FC related disks and how it will be viewed by generic OSes (Unix, Unix like, Windows & etc.)

AFAIK it is viewed by generic OS as SCSI.

Can we have FC related disks as internal storage(physically) of general purpose machine (Server / PC / Laptop)

Thank you.
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Old 12-15-2010 seems very helpful!

I have not surveyed the FC offerings for small servers, PCs, Laptops. While it might be SAN oriented, I see they are available in popular form factors:

FC hard drive price compare - Google Search

Seems a bit faster than the hottest SCSI, and maybe with simpler/cheaper controller, cabling, termination. Controller comes as a plug in or motherboard.

Since it fits into the SCSI configuration metaphor, it is not surprising that it inherits many configuration attributes from SCSI.

I wonder if FC has more latency and lower random performance than SCSI, with the serial access and optical encoding/decoding, not to mention higher contention if many/more devices are on a channel.

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