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Maxtor vs. OpenBSD

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Special Forums Hardware Filesystems, Disks and Memory Maxtor vs. OpenBSD
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Old 02-10-2004
Question Maxtor vs. OpenBSD

Can't setup OpenBSD 3.4 with Maxtor Diamond Plus 9 80Gb ATA/133 HDD... Install process stops at hardware initialize, before installing... Smilie

Any Comments...
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Old 02-10-2004
bsdave, while you're waiting for a reply, can you list the exact steps you're taking up to the point that everything freezes..? Are you seeing any errors inparticular displaying on screen?
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Old 02-26-2004
Originally posted by oombera
bsdave, while you're waiting for a reply, can you list the exact steps you're taking up to the point that everything freezes..? Are you seeing any errors inparticular displaying on screen?
Heh, there is no problem.....
I only set up NORMAL mode in BIOS for this drive.... and after that install OpenBSd without any troubles.

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