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protection schemes

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protection schemes

Consider a system that supports 5,000 users. Suppose you want 4,990 of these users to be able to access one file

How would you specify this protection scheme in UNIX
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That's one of the reasons that groups exist, you can, for example, put the 10 remaing users on a different group than the others... on some OSs, like Solaris, you can use special file permissions with ACLs...
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hello jsilva , thanks for the reply could you go into a bit more
detail please

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Could you offer your need for such an explanation? It seems rather odd that it would be the case that almost 5k folks would need the exact same file?!?!?

It would be a nightmare to manage such a file if 5k folks were editing it periodically...

Id be interested to hear more about it...
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Your question sounds like homework as do your other posts. Please read the forum rules.

As for an example of setting an extended ACL:

/usr/bin/setfacl -s user:user4991:r-x,user::rwx,group::---,mask:r-x,other:---, /path/to/some/file

Read the manpage for setfacl.



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