internal disk and external disk question

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Old 11-05-2009
internal disk and external disk question


We are running sun solaris and it is connected to SAN storage. How do I find what are the disks are internal and what are the disks are connected to SAN?
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volreattach(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    volreattach(8)

volreattach - Reattaches disk drives that have once again become accessible SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/volreattach [-rb] [accessname...] /usr/sbin/volreattach -c accessname OPTIONS
The volreattach utility has the following options: Calls the volrecover utility to attempt to recover stale plexes of any volumes on the failed disk. Performs the reattach operation in the background. Checks whether a reattach is possible. No operation is performed, but the name of the disk group and disk media name at which the disk can be reattached is displayed. DESCRIPTION
The volreattach utility attempts to reattach disks using the same disk group and media names they had before detachment. This operation may be necessary if a disk has a transient failure, or if some disk drivers are unloaded or unloadable when the Logical Storage Manager is started, causing disks to enter the failed state. If the problem is fixed, the volreattach command can be used to reattach the disks without plexes being flagged as stale, as long as the reattach happens before any volumes on the disk are started. The volreattach command is called from the voldiskadm menus as part of disk recovery. The volreattach utility tries to find a disk with a disk group and disk ID matching that of the disk(s) being reattached. If the matching disk is found, the reattach operation may still fail if the original cause (or some other cause) for the disk failure still exists. EXIT CODES
A zero exit status is returned if it is possible to perform a reattach. Otherwise, non-zero is returned. SEE ALSO
volintro(8), voldiskadm(8), volrecover(8) volreattach(8)

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