Repartitioning scsi drive in Nextstep

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Repartitioning scsi drive in Nextstep

Need to change the partitions on a SCSI drive with Nextstep.

df shows

filesystem kbytes used avail cap mounted on

/dev/sd0a 2051824 231924 13% /
/dev/sd0b 998332 9 0% /Vol2
/dev/sd0c 998332 9 0% /Vol3
/dev/sd0d 998332 9 0% /Vol4
/dev/sd0e 998332 9 0% /Vol5
/dev/sd0f 998332 9 0% /Vol6
/dev/sd0g 998332 9 0% /Vol7
/private/vm/swapfile 2051824 231924 13% /private/vm/swapfile.front

I would like to a: delete partition g and add the space to partition f

or b: make g smaller and give this space to f.

I would also like to do this without disturbing the other partitions if possible.

I'm very new to this so please help in words of one syllable!

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There seems to be some good resources out there. I remember thinking how cool the NextStep was when we recieved them at my community college. It was nice to program under a real OS instead of being tied to Borland C++.


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Hi Kieth, I gave that link a try but the website doesn't appear to be at that address anymore. I also tried to browse to but also dead link. Any ideas?

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Not sure what has happened to the site. I went back through my cache, but can't view it. I wanted to make sure that I hadn't been viewing a google cache link or some such. Sorry,

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