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Old 08-17-2009
RAM memory checker / bad lister

A bit of background
I'm running a Nexenta (OpenSolaris kernel + a number of Debian tools) server running a ZRAID of 3x 1TB SATA2 drives (essentially a RAID5 formatted in ZFS, for those who aren't familiar with zpools).
When running the ZFS scrub command (ZFS's equivelent of fsck) I get a number of checksum errors. As I'm almost certain the drives are healthy and these errors have only started popping up when I installed some new RAM, I'm pretty sure the errors are RAM related.

So my question is this:
Is there any UNIX/Linux tools that can scan the RAM for damaged blocks and then badlist them - thus preventing future memory checksums?

the server has 6GB RAM (3x 2GB DDR2 sticks), so there's more than enough RAM even with badlisting whole chunks - thus I don't want to pay for new chips unless i really have to.
Also, if said command can run in real time or on a live system, then that will be a bonus (though I understand that the obvious dangers of doing so might make such an opinion impossible/impractical)

# prtdiag
System Configuration: MSI MS-7390
BIOS Configuration: American Megatrends Inc. V1.1 03/26/2008
==== Processor Sockets ====================================
Version                          Location Tag
-------------------------------- --------------------------
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ CPU 1
==== Memory Device Sockets ================================
Type    Status Set Device Locator      Bank Locator
------- ------ --- ------------------- --------------------
DDR2    in use 0   DIMM0               BANK0
DDR2    in use 0   DIMM1               BANK1
DDR2    in use 0   DIMM2               BANK2
unknown empty  0   DIMM3               BANK3
==== On-Board Devices =====================================
  To Be Filled By O.E.M.
==== Upgradeable Slots ====================================
ID  Status    Type             Description
--- --------- ---------------- ----------------------------
0   in use    PCI Express      PCIE
1   in use    PCI              PCI1

# uname -a
SunOS Primus 5.11 NexentaOS_20080312 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris

# prtconfig
System Configuration:  Sun Microsystems  i86pc
Memory size: 6144 Megabytes
System Peripherals (Software Nodes):
    scsi_vhci, instance #0
    isa, instance #0
        asy, instance #0
        fdc, instance #0
            fd, instance #0
        i8042, instance #0
            keyboard, instance #0
        motherboard (driver not attached)
        pit_beep, instance #0
    pci, instance #0
        pci1462,7390 (driver not attached)
        pci1462,7390 (driver not attached)
        pci1462,7390 (driver not attached)
        pci1462,7390 (driver not attached)
        pci1462,7390, instance #0
        pci1462,7390, instance #0
        pci1462,390c, instance #0
        pci1462,7390, instance #0
        pci10de,449, instance #0
            display, instance #0
        pci-ide, instance #0
            ide, instance #0
                cmdk, instance #0
                cmdk, instance #5
            ide (driver not attached)
        pci-ide, instance #1
            ide, instance #2
                cmdk, instance #1
                cmdk, instance #2
            ide, instance #3
                cmdk, instance #3
        pci10de,45b (driver not attached)
        pci10de,45a (driver not attached)
        pci10de,458 (driver not attached)
        pci10de,459 (driver not attached)
        pci1022,1100, instance #0
        pci1022,1101, instance #1
        pci1022,1102, instance #2
        pci1022,1103, instance #0
    iscsi, instance #0
    pseudo, instance #0
    options, instance #0
    agpgart, instance #0
    xsvc, instance #0
    used-resources (driver not attached)
    cpus, instance #0
        cpu (driver not attached)
        cpu (driver not attached)

Any help is appretiated
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