Creating /boot partition & MBR concerns

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Old 04-02-2009
Creating /boot partition & MBR concerns

I have 40GB HD with mepis8, swap, MBR and under flags word boot.
I also have a 160 GB external with a few Linux OS, no swaps, no extended etc. I am total Linux no MS
I would feel more secure by resizing that sda1 partition and creating a /boot partition with the MBR housed there. Is that a possibility and from a boot perspective would it be any more secure
Please advise and thank you
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Old 04-15-2009
Is sda1 the 40GB HD? The external drive is generally not more secure than the internal one; in some ways its less secure (if someone has physical access to it, they can install their own software on it by booting it off their laptop, for instance).

Is it more secure to have a /boot partition? Well, only marginally, and only if you don't mount it during run-time (which many distributions automatically do).
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