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cd/dvd burner

Hi there!

I have mandrake linux and my cd- and dvd-burner
appear as normal cd-rom drives.

My Cd-burner is from plextor and the dvd-burner from sony.
Do I need new drivers?
and where can I find some?

And which burning programms are good for linux?

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Hammer & Screwdriver Reply

If you are completely sure that your CD/DVD burners aren't working you can try to find sth from or go to the site of plextor for linux drivers.Smilie
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All you need to do for your CD burner is turn on SCSI emulation for it. Do this by passing the option hdX=ide-scsi to the kernel with the GRUB or LILO, obviously using the proper device location. It is likely this has already been done for you though, type 'cat /proc/cmdline' in a console window to check.
In that case you would just have to use your CD burning software of choice and point it to device 0,0,0 (that is how SCSI is addressed)

As for the dvdburner, some tomfoolery/black magic is probably be required to get that to work. I suggest you hit google (search engine, not forum member Smilie )
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As for cd burning there are many.
k3b for the KDE stable and gcombust and gtoaster for the GNOME stable. There is also XCDRoast and many more and of coure the command line interface to cdrecord/cdrdao/dvdrecord! Smilie
Pesonally I use the command line, gcombust and k3b - that's pretty much order of preference too.
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thx for the help

I tried google and plextor-, sony- and mandrakehomepage before I posted.

But Plextor does not support Unix/linux and mandrake has firmeware for other plextor burner, but not for mine ^^

and black magic, is a great tip Smilie
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