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Cannot view the files on the smartphone anymore

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Operating Systems Linux Fedora Cannot view the files on the smartphone anymore
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Linux Cannot view the files on the smartphone anymore

My current Fedora version is 27. Desktop environment is LXDE. I am trying to view files sitting on my smartphone (Sony Xperia XA ultra) but it doesn't work anymore. This used to work before. I cannot view image and mp3 files but text files and pdf files work fine. When I move the files to the local hard drive it works fine. The file manager I am using is the default PCManFM. I had Nautilus file manager before as well and then removed it. I believe the problem started after I removed Nautilus. The removal operation might have accidentally changed some settings or removed some necessary files.. I don't know. Any idea?

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Why not reinstall Nautilus?
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Originally Posted by Don Cragun
Why not reinstall Nautilus?
I tried that but that didn't fix. Besides, I want to stick with PCManFM.
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Update: I just noticed, when I open the image file with GIMP it works fine. It just doesn't work with gpicview Image Viewer anymore and gpicview is up-to-date. Thanks.

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