.bashrc in Ubuntu 14.04

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.bashrc in Ubuntu 14.04

I am getting this:

cmccabe@DTV-A5211QLM:~$ cat ~/.bashrc
Command 'cat' is available in '/bin/cat'
The command could not be located because '/bin' is not included in the PATH environment variable.
cat: command not found
cmccabe@DTV-A5211QLM:~$ nano .bashrc
Command 'nano' is available in the following places
 * /bin/nano
 * /usr/bin/nano
The command could not be located because '/bin:/usr/bin' is not included in the PATH environment variable.
nano: command not found

I did add to path:
 echo 'export PATH=/home/cmccabe/Desktop/NGS/picard-tools-1.139' >> .bashrc

which appears to be wrong? How do I get the .bashrc to be like it was? Thank you Smilie.
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You have replaced PATH with only your custom path. You removed all the old paths from it in the process.

You should not be editing your bashrc with echo. Last thread you had 3 or 4 conflicting broken entries appended to it.

You should remove what you added, then add this:

export PATH="${PATH}:/home/cmccabe/Desktop/NGS/picard-tools-1.139"

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How can I remove this if I can not access nano? Is there a command? Thank you Smilie.
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So is the below the correct way to add to path so it is permanent for the user? Thank you Smilie.

export PATH="${PATH}:/home/cmccabe/Desktop/NGS/picard-tools-1.139 >> .bashrc

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it's back to the way it was. I seem to have trouble adding to path in the.bashrc so it stays for the user. I add to path then. bashrc and that seems to work. Thank you Smilie.

EDIT: is adding path to .profile better and would the below be correct?

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/home/cmccabe/Desktop/NGS/picard-tools-1.139" >> ~/.profile

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