How to download latest version of cmake using tar xzf?

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You're using a RedHad based linux, thus you should have yum which is a package manager.
Though, on Fedora only cmake is available, not sure which versions will be available on/with el6.

Either way, try:
sudo yum update cmake

Hope this helps
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Straight from the README.rst file:
Building CMake from Scratch


You need to have a compiler and a make installed.
Run the ``bootstrap`` script you find the in the source directory of CMake.
You can use the ``--help`` option to see the supported options.
You may use the ``--prefix=<install_prefix>`` option to specify a custom
installation directory for CMake. You can run the ``bootstrap`` script from
within the CMake source directory or any other build directory of your
choice. Once this has finished successfully, run ``make`` and
``make install``.  In summary::

 $ ./bootstrap && make && make install

The make install command might require administrative privileges.
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