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Is UNIX an open source OS ?

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Operating Systems Linux Fedora Is UNIX an open source OS ?
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Originally Posted by sreyan32

Originally Posted by Don Cragun
There is also a standard for Linux systems (the Linux Standard Base AKA LSB), but the last I heard, no Linux system has ever conformed to any version of the LSB either.
Could you elaborate on this point further. I mean if no one conformed to a standard how on earth is that standard still surviving. And also why is it there ??
Politics and marketing.

(I would be happy to discuss this further in person, but this in not an appropriate forum to go into the details of my personal feelings and interpretation of the facts behind this topic.)

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Unix time can be extended backwards from the epoch using negative numbers.
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history(n)					       Provides a history for Entry widgets						history(n)


history - Provides a history for Entry widgets SYNOPSIS
package require Tcl 8.4 package require Tk 8.4 package require history ?0.1? ::history::init pathName ?length? ::history::remove pathName ::history::add pathName text ::history::get pathName ::history::clear pathName ::history::configure pathName option ?value? bell _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This package provides a convenient history mechanism for Entry widgets. The history may be accessed with the up and down arrow keys. ::history::init pathName ?length? Arranges to remember the history of the named Entry widget. An optional length determines the number of history entries to keep. This may be changed later with ::history::configure. History entries must be added with the ::history::add command before they can be seen. ::history::remove pathName Forgets all history entries for the Entry pathName and removes the history bindings. ::history::add pathName text This command is used to add history entries to an Entry that has previously had ::history::init called on it. This command should be called from your Entry handler with the contents of the entry (or whatever you wish to add to the history). ::history::get pathName This command returns a list containing the history entries for the Entry pathName ::history::clear pathName This command clears the history list for the named Entry. ::history::configure pathName option ?value? This command queries or sets configuration options. Currently the options recognized are length and alert. Setting the length deter- mines the number of history entries to keep for the named Entry. Alert specifies the command to run when the user reaches the end of the history, it defaults to bell entry .e bind .e <Return> [list ProcessEntry %W] ::history::init .e pack .e proc ProcessEntry {w} { set text [$w get] if {$text == ""} { return } ::history::add $w $text puts $text $w delete 0 end } KEYWORDS
entry, history history 0.1 history(n)

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