Which flavor of UNIX or Linux to learn?

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Which flavor of UNIX or Linux to learn?

Hi all,

Noob here. I have been dabbling with Linux for years, basically installing different types of distros and becoming familiar with the default gui that came along with it.

At this point, I find myself wanting to learn alot more. It would be great if that knowledge helped me move forward in my IT career. I work currently as a lowly data center operator monitoring crucial systems. I want to administer them! I want to be a Unix guru.

So which flavor is really worth learning? Which is the most widely used in production systems? Solaris, Fedora, Suse ?
Where does one begin ?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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This question is too subjective. Everyone has their own experience, their own reasons for liking or disliking something. It's not really a nice question to ask people "which linux is worth learning"? To answer this question would be like talking bad about certain distributions, which is subjective (and also against our forum rules).

We do have a poll (which you would have found if you search the forums) on which linux distribution is the most widely used by forum members.

Maybe you could try to follow our forum rules and guidelines? You should search the forums before asking a question; and you should not post in ways which can cause subjective debates about one unix or linux over another.
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In case you forgot to read the forum rules, here is quick copy.


(1) No flames, shouting (all caps), sarcasm, bullying, profanity or arrogant posts.

(2) No negative comments about others or impolite remarks. Be patient.

(3) Refrain from idle chatter that does not contribute to the knowledge base. This does not apply to the forums in The Unix Lounge which are for off-topic discussions.

(4) Do not 'bump up' questions if they are not answered promptly. No duplicate or cross-posting and do not report a post or send a private message where your goal is to get an answer more quickly.

(5) Search the forums database with your keywords before asking.

(6) Do not post classroom or homework problems.

(7) No job postings from headhunters or recruiters except in The Unix Forums Job Board. See How to Post to The UNIX Forums Job Board for information on using the Job Board.

(8) No BSD vs. Linux vs. Windows or similar threads.

(9) Edit your posts if you see spelling or grammar errors (don't write in cyberchat or cyberpunk style). English only.

(10) Don't post your email address and ask for an email reply. Don't send a private message with a technical question. The forums are for the benefit of all, so all Q&A should take place in the forums.

(11) Post questions with descriptive subjects. For example, do not post questions with subjects like "Help Me!", "Urgent!!" or "Doubt". Post subjects like "Execution Problems with Cron" or "Help with Backup Shell Script".

(12) These are not hacker boards so hacker related posts will be promptly deleted or moderated.

(13) The forum administrators reserve the right to prune, move or edit posts that do not adhere to the rules or are technically inaccurate.

(14) The forum administrators reserve the right to remove users or change their posting status to read only without notice if any rules are not followed.

(15) No smoking in the forums.

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