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GTK Themes


So, I have a GTK based GUI app. I used GTKdevel-2.24 to develop and compile it on two different distros of linux: Fedora 14 and Linaro (tablet). All of my code was the same for each but compiled on each platform separately (32bit and ARM).

Both distros run the application. On Fedora 14 the application runs flawless. But, on the Linaro version I get some graphic bugs such as widgets not showing correctly (e.g. borders missing) and button labels disappearing for no reason.

I do notice that each version displays the application with a slightly different look (e.g. window decorations). My only guess into this is that possibly the two systems are running different GTK themes and maybe this is causing the problems i'm having.

So, two questions:

1) anyone have some insight into the possible root problem of this?
2) any reference on how to set application themes the same on all platforms?

Thanks in advance

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Oh, and possibly the GTK2-engines could lead to inconsistencies?

Not sure on how to check these and configure them....

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AUTHCONFIG-GTK(8)					      System Manager's Manual						 AUTHCONFIG-GTK(8)

authconfig-gtk, system-config-authentication - GUI utility for configuring user identity and system authentication services SYNOPSIS
authconfig-gtk [--nox] [--updateall] [--firstboot] DESCRIPTION
authconfig-gtk provides a simple graphical user interface for configuring user identity and system authentication services. It provides basic configuration options to handle NIS, LDAP, Kerberos 5, and Winbind client configuration. OPTIONS
If the --nox option is specified, authconfig command line utility is run instead of the GUI. The --updateall option forces overwriting of all configuration files not only the files affected by the changes made in the user interac- tion with the GUI. This option can be useful in case the configuration files are broken by manual editing. The --firstboot option is to be used only when firstboot utility runs the GUI during the first setup of the system after installation. RETURN CODES
authconfig-gtk returns 0 on success, non zero on error. SEE ALSO
authconfig(8), system-auth-ac(5) AUTHORS
Nalin Dahyabhai <>, Preston Brown <>, Matt Wilson <>, Tomas Mraz <> Red Hat, Inc. 31 March 2010 AUTHCONFIG-GTK(8)

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