Install memcached on Suse 11 SP2

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Operating Systems Linux Fedora Install memcached on Suse 11 SP2
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Install memcached on Suse 11 SP2

hi guys

I am trying to install this extension for php named memcached but I am not really able to do it

PECL :: Package :: memcached

I have Suse 11 SP2 installed without any registration (I mean installed not paying subscription) so my question

is there a way to install it like in CentOS - Fedora like this post?

RHEL / CentOS 6 Linux Install Memcached High Performance Distributed Memory Object Cache Server

thanks a lot
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MEMCP(1)							   libmemcached 							  MEMCP(1)

memcp - libmemcached Documentation Copies files to a collection of memcached servers SYNOPSIS
memcp [options] [file] [server] DESCRIPTION
memcp copies one or more files into memcached(1) servers. It is similar to the standard UNIX cp(1) command. The key names will be the names of the files, without any directory path. OPTIONS
You can specify servers via the option: --servers or via the environment variable: `MEMCACHED_SERVERS` If you do not specify either these, the final value in the command line list is the name of a server(s). For a full list of operations run the tool with the option: --help HOME
To find out more information please check: AUTHOR
Brian Aker, <> Mark Atwood, <> SEE ALSO
memcached(1) libmemcached(3) AUTHOR
2011-2013, Brian Aker DataDifferential, 1.0.16 January 31, 2013 MEMCP(1)

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