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Show Appreciation to Forum Members: How to Use the "Thanks" Feature
Our forums have a fortune of very talented members who ask good questions and provide great answers. It's a good idea to show your appreciation to fellow forum members when they provide good answers to questions or are helpful in general.

One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to click the button located at the bottom left side of each post.

Clicking the "Thanks" button serves many useful purposes.

First of all, clicking "Thanks" shows your respect and appreciation to other forum members.

Second, "Thanked" posts are given a high priority in our Google sitemap, so these posts will show up earlier in Google search results.

Third, the number of user "Thanks" are used as a part of our forum algorithm to assist forum moderators in selecting future forum advisers and moderators.

So please click "Thanks" when you see useful posts. Thanks! :)

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