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Reporting Security Issues & "Bug Finders" Hall of Fame
We recognize how important it is to help protect privacy and security. We understand that secure products and services are critical in establishing and maintaining trust with our users. We strive to consistently deliver secure and enjoyable experiences in all of our forum products and services.

Security includes everyone = our valued users, our developers, our moderators and admins, third party software developers and the security community. Working together we can all make the forums at unix.com and the Internet safer.

Reporting Security Issues

Security of our networks and services is important for us and for you. We take it seriously. If you are a forum user and have a security issue to report regarding your personal forum account, please contact the forum moderators. This includes password problems, login issues, suspected fraud and account abuse issues.

If you have discovered a vulnerability in the forum code or have a security incident to report, email neo@unix.com . Upon receipt of your message we will acknowledge your report.

We believe in responsible security disclosure practices. In accordance with this we appreciate reporters privately notifying us of vulnerabilities and setting reasonable time frames for response and disclosure based on the severity of the issue. We believe this method provides the most secure environment for our forum users and the Internet at large.

We will respond as soon as we can to fix verifiable security issues. When notified of legitimate issues, we will acknowledge your report, begin investigating the issue and will work to correct any vulnerabilities quickly.

We would like to thank the following people for their contribution in ensuring the security of forums and our applications:

Hall of Fame

  • Kaung Htet Zaw (email mgxcode at gmail.com) (2018)
  • Min Ko Ko (email cyberoot1 at gmail.com) (2017)
  • Muhammad Habib Jawadi (email supertnx123 at gmail.com) (2017)

Honorable Mention

  • Jacob Deniega (email lokimokiu at gmail.com) (2017)
  • Wai Yan Aung (email waiyanaun9 at gmail.com) (2017)

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