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HP 1012 Printer

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HP 1012 Printer

I am trying to print a very large [3,00 pages] file on a HP 2012 printer, 100 pages a time. It worked initially, but now it does not print, it just hangs after the print command [from the desktop and not the terminal]. I've tried rebooting both the printer and the computer [OS Debian 8.5] to no avail.

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Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Posting "Does not work" without explanation does not help you or anyone. If a command does not work for you, please show the exact circumstances you used it, and the exact error or malfunction you received. Do not paraphrase errors, or post the text as links, images, or attachments if you can avoid it: Paste the exact message, in code tags, like [code] text [/code] or by selecting the text and using the Image button.

Thank you.

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Corona688 -

If this helps...

Note: Document is 3800 pages

Sequence of events

1] Reboot printer
2] Reboot computer
3] Issue from the desktop a request to print 100 pages
4] wait 15 minuets
a] prints
b] does not print

Regrettably, 4b is the result.

There are no error messages.

Is there anyway I can debug this from the terminal?

BTW -- Works beautifully with a Pantum printer. The cartridge is out of toner and I do not wish to wait.

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Don't be silly. That is not what we need to know and you probably knew that.
  • What program are you printing from?
  • What printer daemon and driver do you use?
  • Can anything else still print to that printer?
  • What does "issue from the desktop" mean?
  • What is your desktop?


Right now we have absolutely nothing to go on.
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"Don't be silly. That is not what we need to know and you probably knew that."

Honestly, I did not know.

What program are you printing from? Atril document viewer
What printer daemon and driver do you use? I don't know. How can I find out?
Can anything else still print to that printer? It seems not. I just tried 1 page. No results
What does "issue from the desktop" mean? The dialog that results from a Ctrl P command
What is your desktop? Mate

The printer will print a test page from itself but not a page from CUPS.


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