Getting VALUE from Big XML File -- That's All

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Homework and Emergencies Emergency UNIX and Linux Support Getting VALUE from Big XML File -- That's All
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Xpath can be used like // till pattern ...
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HWLOC-ASSEMBLER(1)						       hwloc							HWLOC-ASSEMBLER(1)

hwloc-assembler - Assemble multiple XML topologies SYNOPSIS
hwloc-assembler [options] output.xml [--name <name1>] input1.xml [--name <name2>] input2.xml ... OPTIONS
-n --name <name> Set <name> in the AssemblerName info attribute of the next input topology root to ease identification within the final global topol- ogy. -f --force Ignore errors while reading input files. -v --verbose Verbose messages. DESCRIPTION
hwloc-assembler combines the input XML topologies and exports the resulting global topologies to a new XML file. All inputs are inserting as children of the global root object. Each input topology root is annotated with info attributes before insertion. AssemblerIndex is set to the index within the list of inputs. AssemblerName is set to the name given with --name if any. hwloc-assembler-remote offers a fron- tend for assembling remote nodes topologies without having to manually gather and transfer each of them. EXAMPLES
To assemble two nodes topologies: $ hwloc-assembler output.xml --name host1 host1.xml --name host2 host2.xml RETURN VALUE
Upon successful execution, hwloc-assembler returns 0. hwloc-assembler will return nonzero if any kind of error occurs, such as (but not limited to) failure to parse the command line. SEE ALSO
hwloc(7), lstopo(1), hwloc-assembler-remote(1) 1.4.1 Feb 27, 2012 HWLOC-ASSEMBLER(1)

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