Interfacing applications and ports

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Interfacing applications and ports

Is there a way to understand/look into the list of interfaces that are connected to an AIX box.
Primarily I am looking for the list of IP addresses that can connect to an AIX server, and using which port the access is possible?
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Maybe the command netstat provides what you are looking for?
It has several options; for help run
man netstat

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Originally Posted by ggayathri
Is there a way to understand/look into the list of interfaces that are connected to an AIX box.
Interfaces ? Are you looking at all devices connected to your server ? or nic cards ? or network devices connected ?

Check this:
Unix Commands

Originally Posted by ggayathri
Primarily I am looking for the list of IP addresses that can connect to an AIX server, and using which port the access is possible?

List of IP Address that "CAN" connect to your AIX server ? Are you check if a IP is banned or denied ?

TCP Wrapper might be what you are looking for
Using TCP Wrappers to control access

Otherwise any IP already connected or in process of connection/closing can be checked with netstat

Sometimes you need to be root or need to use full path to run this commands.
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