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Time out Issue

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Time out Issue

Users connecting to AIX server face disconnection after a period of inactivity. I have tried checking the /etc/profile.The TMOUT value seems to be 0.However there is disconnection being faced. Can someone help me to identify other areas that I probably may be missing.
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This could also be caused by timeout settings of a network component, for example a firewall between the user and the server. What happens when you connect from a host in the same network segment?

Is it a OS level login or an application login? If the latter, then the timeout may be caused by the application.
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The action related to the TMOUT environment variable can vary from shell to shell. It is completely ignored by some shells, and behaves as you specified in some shells (e.g., bash and ksh). In some implementations of ksh (and maybe other shells), a default maximum value can be built into the shell that cannot be overridden by setting TMOUT to 0.

I have no idea whether or not shells on AIX have TMOUT limits built into them, nor, if there are, whether they vary from release to release. And you haven't told us what shell is being used.
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And are these sessions telnet, ssh, or what? They have their timeouts set in different ways.

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Just found this for example:

AIX V6.1 Remote Login Session Management
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