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How to convert the following characters in some fields in a csv file?

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# 1  
How to convert the following characters in some fields in a csv file?

I have a csv file which is produced out of a SED command
sed 's/|/","/g; s/^/"/; s/$/"/' A4.txt > A5.csv

and I need either an addition to the SED command or a separate command to convert the following characters which occur within the fields in multiple lines




# 2  
What stops you from adding the respective substitute commands
sed 's/"="/="/g;s/""~/"/g' file

to your above sed script?
And, a sample input file would be nice...
# 3  
can I combine everything as ??
sed 's/|/","/g; s/^/"/; s/$/"/; 's/"="/="/g; s/""~/"/g' A4.txt > A5.csv

# 5  
Yeah you combine but only ONE pair of SINGLE-QUOTE marks (')....

sed 's/|/","/g; s/^/"/; s/$/"/; s/"="/="/g; s/""~/"/g' A4.txt > A5.csv

Also, to prevent double quotes at the beginning and end of lines, you can add:

sed 's/|/","/g; s/^"*/"/; s/"*$/"/; s/"="/="/g; s/""~/"/g' A4.txt > A5.csv

So if a line already begins (or ends) with double- (or tripple-) quotes, it replaces them with one double-quote character.
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