Hcreate_r , hdestroy_r, hsearch_data

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Old 10-16-2014
Hcreate_r , hdestroy_r, hsearch_data


I want to use the below functions on solaris box

Commands are
1. hcreate_r
2. hdestroy_r
3. hsearch_data (a structure)

these are re-entrants version of hcreate & hdestroy functions available in <search.h>

My questions is that i can't locate them anywhere. On linux box i am able to use these functions as they are available in <search.h>

Please guide what shall i DO?

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Old 10-17-2014
Bumping up posts or double posting is not permitted in these forums.

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Thank You.

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Hcreate_r , hdestroy_r, hsearch_data skyineyes Solaris 5 10-17-2014 11:30 AM