How to take awk result out (piping to other program)?

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Homework and Emergencies Emergency UNIX and Linux Support How to take awk result out (piping to other program)?
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Originally Posted by Akshay Hegde
Hi! all here is my code
which is working fine no errors but I want to know how to take result and input to other program

awk 'FNR==1{i++}{LC[i]=NR} 
{for(k=1; k<=NF; k++) A[i,FNR,k]=$k}                                 
END{for (i=1;i<=LC[1];i++)
if(A[2,j,8]=='$UID' && A[2,j,4]>='$MX'+A[1,i,3] && A[2,j,4]<='$MIN'+A[1,i,4] && \
A[2,j,4]>='$MN'+A[1,i,1] && A[2,j,5]<='$MX'+A[1,i,2])
print A[2,j,6],A[2,j,7]
}}' OFS="\t" STD_FIILE FILE2 | program(print) command -XA[2,j,5] -Y[2,j,5]   -------------> if statement is true

if if statement is awk program in false


OFS="\t" STD_FIILE FILE2 | program(mask) command -XA[2,j,5] -Y[2,j,5]   ------------->

please help me

if not possible please give me solution in bash
Hi Akshay,
I think we're unable to help you because we're unable to figure out what you're trying to do.

We don't know what is in your input files.
We don't know what the values of the shell variables MAX, MIN, MN, and UID are.
We can assume that LC[1] is the number of lines in the 1st input file, but why is LC[2] set to the number of lines in both input files instead of the number of lines in the 2nd input file?
How are:
program(print) command -XA[2,j,5] -Y[2,j,5]
program(mask) command -XA[2,j,5] -Y[2,j,5]

supposed to be processed? (That isn't valid shell command syntax. Is the j in these commands supposed to be related to the j in the 2nd for loop in the END clause in your awk script? Are XA[2,j,5] and Y[2,j,5] supposed to be related to the awk script's array element A[2,j,5] )?
Are you trying to pipe the output of the print statement in your awk script to one command and have the same output piped to a different command if the if statement doesn't print anything? Is it possible that you want something like:
        print A[2,j,6],A[2,j,7] | true_command
        print A[2,j,6],A[2,j,7] | false_command

as a replacement for the if statement in the END clause in your awk script?
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