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Script to fill the file system mount with empty files to desired size

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Homework and Emergencies Emergency UNIX and Linux Support Script to fill the file system mount with empty files to desired size
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Old 11-14-2012
Might be simpler to let awk do the calculation, and let the script's input parameters be used in the normal sense.
This code looks longer, because I added lots of checking, but the functional part is more concise.
usage() { 
  echo "Usage: $0 mountpoint threshold "
  echo "   where threshold is 1 to 100"

# $1 is the mountpoint
# $2 is the threshold (whole number, 1 to 100)

if [ ! -d $1 ]; then
  usage; exit 2;
if [ $2 -lt 1 -o $2 -gt 100 ] ;then
  usage; exit 2;

df -k $1 |
 awk -v t=$2     'NR==2  { print int($4 * (t-int($5))/100 ); }'  |
# The pipe-brace here in ksh isn't necessary, but in other sh-based shells, it is.
read blocks
if [ -z $blocks -o $blocks -le 0 ] ; then
   echo "Error: Disk is already filled above threshold!"
   exit 1
   dd if=/dev/zero of=$1/.fillfile.$$ bs=1k count=$blocks
   exit $?

I gave this a test under Darwin with bash.

You could make a really simple script with this:
df -k $1 |  awk -v t=$2  'NR==2  { print int($4 * (t-int($5))/100 ); }'  |
{ read blocks;  dd if=/dev/zero of=$1/.fillfile.$$ bs=1k count=$blocks }

If blocks is negative (your threshold is too low), dd will report an error. If it's 0, it will essentially do nothing (but still create the file).

You could do it for ALL mounted filesystems with this modification:
df -k |  awk -v t=$2  'NR>1  { print $NF,int($4 * (t-int($5))/100 ); }'  |
while read mountpoint blocks;  dd if=/dev/zero of=$mountpoint/.fillfile.$$ bs=1k count=$blocks ; done

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Old 11-28-2012
Thank you all..This thread can closed now!!

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