Disk quota exceeded (difference btw. du and df, again!)

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Homework and Emergencies Emergency UNIX and Linux Support Disk quota exceeded (difference btw. du and df, again!)
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Old 07-21-2012
gull04 and jlliagre are most probably correct. If you need a place to store stuff, here's what you can do in the mean-time:

Check the diskspace of /tmp and /var/tmp. Use df:
df /tmp /var/tmp

If it appears there is sufficient space on one of these, make a directory for yourself and create a soft-link to it.
mkdir /var/tmp/$USER
ln -s /var/tmp/$USER $HOME/tmp

Now you can store files via the "tmp" link in your home directory.
Be sure to clean it up and/ore move it back once your admin has freed up disk space for you.
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Old 07-22-2012
Thanks jlliagre & otheus. I think that's the conclusion Dave came to, too. What confused me was the output from df -kh ., with the /home/myuser next to the 100%, and not, say, /home or /home/some-subgroup. I had never seen users mentioned there and I interpreted it wrong. I thought du and df would then both measure the same thing. Actually, now I think there may be a process running amok somewhere (which doesn't belong to me), because I did manage to clean up a few M of files and the space was taken up immediately.

otheus, I considered that but since many posts on the du/df difference suggested admins might have to reboot the machine to fix the problem, I figured /tmp wasn't the best place. Luckily there is another scratch directory somewhere in which I can work :-) Of course I could also take Sunday off, but I like working when it's nice and quiet (and then taking off during the week when there's too much going on).

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