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DNS flush is not working

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Homework and Emergencies Emergency UNIX and Linux Support DNS flush is not working
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Old 07-06-2012
DNS flush is not working

I have a Linux machine and it seems DNS cache is not getting clear on it. It is still showing old values, even after changing in DNS server by Network team. I did
/etc/init.d/nscd restart

But still it is showing old values on this server.
On my rest of servers in environment, nslookup is showing updated value, so problem is only with this server.
Please advice.
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Old 07-06-2012
Contrary to the misleading service name, nscd is not really a caching service for DNS. (It caches names resolved via services indicated via nsswitch.conf, including names in /etc/hosts.) First, tell us the "hosts:" entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf. Second, guve us your /etc/resolv.conf file. The first host entry in that file is the most likely origin of your bad DNS entries. If that IP *is* the same host, then tell us which service is running on port 53 ("netstat -anp | grep :53")
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Old 07-06-2012
Here is the required output -->
root@tldb4t01:~> cat /etc/nsswitch.conf | grep hosts
hosts:          files dns
root@tldb4t01:~> cat /etc/resolv.conf
root@tldb4t01:~> netstat -anp | grep :53
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      54403/named
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      54403/named
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN      54403/named
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      54403/named
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      54403/named
tcp        0      0         ESTABLISHED 24216/cvd
tcp        0      0         ESTABLISHED 24216/cvd
tcp        0      0 :::53                   :::*                    LISTEN      54403/named
udp        0      0*                           54403/named
udp        0      0*                           54403/named
udp        0      0*                           54403/named
udp        0      0  *                           54403/named
udp        0      0  *                           54403/named
udp        0      0 :::53                   :::*                                54403/named

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Old 07-06-2012
So I take it this server has one of the IPs listed in resolv.conf?

Assuming that is the case, the problem is that this host is a dns server running "named". Named can run in one (or more) of several modes :

1. DNS master - holds the master copy of all hosts and objects it resolves
2. DnS slave - holds a copy which it regularly fetches from the master
3. DNS resolver & cache - resolves and caches answers from anither DNS server - this is called "forwarding".

What is your intention for this service?
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Old 07-06-2012
This server is a client (Not DNS Server/Slave). Network team has made changes on DNS Server and DNS Slave, thats why when we do
PHP Code:
nslookup tldb4t-scan 
from any of other server in my environment, output is updated one. But only from this server, it is still showing old values.
Is this making things clear to you ?
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Old 07-06-2012
Remove this servers' IP addresses from resolv.conf, and further, stop and disable the named service on it. After this, your host will use only the master and slave DNS servers and so should always be accurate.

(If for some reason this presents a peformance issue, then we will look at creating a proper dns caching-resolver on this server.)
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Old 07-06-2012
I am able to get it now. Thanks a lot

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