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Old 03-16-2012
Cut | command line args


Can you please hint me how to achieve the below?

$./ start 1 2

Internally inside the script i want to set a single variable with $2 and $3 value?


ARGS=$2 $3

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Old 03-16-2012
$ ./ start 1 2 
CMD is : start
ARGS is : 1 2

$ cat
ARGS="$2 $3"
echo "CMD is : $CMD"
echo "ARGS is : $ARGS"

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Old 03-16-2012
Forgot to mention. Small change..

The first argument is fixed, but remaining no . of args may be incremental.

I mean, I want all the args $2 ...$n to be assigned to variable.
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Old 03-16-2012
#! /bin/bash


echo $CMD
echo $ARGS

$ ./ a b c d e f
b c d e

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Old 03-16-2012
for i in `echo $@`
[ "$count" != "0" ] && ARGS="$ARGS $i"
echo $ARGS

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Old 03-16-2012
@itkamaraj: works fine.

@balajesuri: Thanks for reply. But your solution restricted to 4 args, but it doesnt handle for n args.

Thanks for the both.

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Old 03-16-2012
You should've been clear with the requirements. When you say from $2 to $n, it could mean from 2nd param to 6th param out of 10 params, right?

#! /bin/bash
echo $ARGS

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