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SSH password login issue

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Old 12-23-2011
SSH password login issue

Hi All,

I am facing issue in setting up passwordless login through ssh on two Solaris-10 boxes. user-id ravrwa from server tsapiq04-zrwdq01 should be able to login to server tsbrit03 as cpsuserq, which is not happening. I am not sure where is the problem, while keys are already all set. Here is the example -
HTML Code:
(root):/raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa> id
uid=23286(ravrwa) gid=2201(raven)
(root):/raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa> pwd
(root):/raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa> ls -l .ssh
total 17
-rw-------   1 ravrwa   raven        883 Dec 10 18:34 id_rsa
-rw-------   1 ravrwa   raven        887 Jun 16  2011 id_rsa.old
-rw-r--r--   1 ravrwa   raven        233 Dec 10 18:34
-rw-r--r--   1 ravrwa   raven        233 Dec 10 18:34
-rw-r--r--   1 ravrwa   raven        233 Jun 16  2011
-rw-r--r--   1 ravrwa   raven       1648 Dec 10 18:37 known_hosts
(root):/raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa> cat .ssh/
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAIEAvn/x8G/2+4Jc5r5fMwirptHhzpZAeWevv63rLFn8CqSdm6rWeRfik/eQGj7+1xw0dWEHCZj5/uPxoBzcWe8Xe5Qnx4SZVahwYeszg05p+vo3315UV7dzAv22mif7hKKfTrY3E/SMA1lCBtZYnet3468WCLdc0W/5JkjfKLxOFtM= ravrwa@tsapiq04-zrwdq01
(root):/raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa> ssh cpsuserq@tsbrit03
If I check pub keys on destination server (tsbrit03), those are already there exactly -
HTML Code:
$ id
uid=56330(cpsuserq) gid=25030(cpsgrp_q)
$ pwd
$ ls -l .ssh/authorized_keys
-rw-------   1 cpsuserq cpsgrp_q     233 Dec 22 16:46 .ssh/authorized_keys
$ cat .ssh/authorized_keys
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAIEAvn/x8G/2+4Jc5r5fMwirptHhzpZAeWevv63rLFn8CqSdm6rWeRfik/eQGj7+1xw0dWEHCZj5/uPxoBzcWe8Xe5Qnx4SZVahwYeszg05p+vo3315UV7dzAv22mif7hKKfTrY3E/SMA1lCBtZYnet3468WCLdc0W/5JkjfKLxOFtM= ravrwa@tsapiq04-zrwdq01
Can anybody help, where could be the issue ?

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Old 12-23-2011
Post output of
ls -ld /raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa/.ssh

# 3  
Old 12-23-2011
First two things that come to my mind:

1. on the local server, check that the homedir of user ravrwa is actually the path /raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa; if this is not the case, then use the switch -i /raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa/.ssh/id_rsa to the ssh command.
Perform the same check on the remote host for user cpsuserq (the homedir should be /Hyperion/WERQ/raven).

2. on the remote server, check that key-based authentication is explicitly enabled in sshd configuration file (it should be the entry "PubkeyAuthentication" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config).

see ya
# 4  
Old 12-23-2011
bartus11, here is the file from source -
PHP Code:
(root):/raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwals -ld /raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa/.ssh
------   2 ravrwa   raven          8 Dec 22 16:43 /raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa/.ssh 
frappa, home directories seem to be correct, but i do not see PubkeyAuthentication in ssh file
PHP Code:
Source Server -
root):/raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwacat /etc/passwd grep ravrwa
:x:23286:2201:Redwood User:/raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa:/usr/bin/ksh

Destination server 
cat /etc/passwd grep cpsuserq
:x:56330:25030:CPS User-Hyperian:/Hyperion/WERQ/raven:/usr/bin/ksh

cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config grep -i authentication grep -"#"
PasswordAuthentication yes
PAMAuthenticationViaKBDInt yes
RhostsAuthentication no
RhostsRSAAuthentication no
RSAAuthentication yes 
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Old 12-23-2011
i see,
on the other hand key-based auth should be enabled by default (you may perform a double check on solaris with man sshd_config) ...

may you please post the output of the ssh key-based session you are trying to start with the -vvv switch (full debugging messages)?

see ya
# 6  
Old 12-23-2011
It was a big output, so I have attached it output as a textfile named as "ssh_passwordless_login_issue.txt". Please check.
# 7  
Old 12-23-2011

may you now please post the output of the ssh session with the following command?

ssh -vvv -i /raven/apps/raven_users/ravrwa/.ssh/id_rsa cpsuserq@tsbrit03

and let's see what happens when you explicitly set the id_rsa private key.

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