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Command to calculate space for all subdirs under a dir

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Homework and Emergencies Emergency UNIX and Linux Support Command to calculate space for all subdirs under a dir
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Command to calculate space for all subdirs under a dir

du -hs command calculates the space for all the subdirs under a dir ...but it is very slow if the dir is there any quick way ...I am using Sun OS.

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I believe du is the fastest one.
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is there any other way ...can be write a script ...
Originally Posted by radoulov
I believe du is the fastest one.
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You can, but it will be slower ...
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Not sure about the performance .. Test it ..
find $DIR -exec ls -ltr {} \; 2>/dev/null | nawk '{sum+=$5}END {print sum}'

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Jayjan jay!! Don't use find with exec unless you have to do stuff inside the exec!

Replace with :
find $DIR -printf "%k\n" | awk '{sum+=$1}END{print sum}'

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Here's what you can do: find all the dirs in depth-first order, then feed each dir into du.
find $DIR -type d -print | 
  awk 'BEGIN{OFS="\t"}{ print $0,split($0,x,"/"); }'  |
  sort  -k 2nr,2 -k 1,1  | 
  cut -f1 |
  xargs -L 1  -t du -sh 2>&1 |

Here's what we're doing: The find gets all the directories (your target dir is $DIR) and prints them out one line at a time. The awk command then prints out each directory name followed by its depth -- determined by the number of times split found the / character in the input line. We separate the fields by tabs to prevent long and unusual dir names from getting clobbered by the next steps. Next, sort orders the list by directory depth. Now that the list is ordered, we dont need the depth information anymore, so the cut command strips it (you can also do this with awk or sed). Finally, the resulting list is fed into xargs, which prints out and executes the command "du -sh" on each directory, one directory at a time.

The output is then sent through your $PAGER, which ought to be defined. If not, use "less" or "more" whichever works for you.

This way, you can find a particularly large directory without waiting forever for the job to finish.

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Originally Posted by ajaypatil_am
du -hs command calculates the space for all the subdirs under a dir ...but it is very slow if the dir is there any quick way ...I am using Sun OS.
No matter how you cut it, getting the total space for something means scanning inodes for each and every individual file inside. No matter how you do it, the same amount of disk thrashing will happen.

Breaking the job into smaller parts is a neat idea, otheus.

Another thing you could do is look for large directories. Directories have a file size too. Finding a large directory won't tell you how much space the contents use, or precisely how many files are inside, but will warn you about directories directly containing very large amounts of entries.
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