Is there any way to set the files modified date and stamp to last modifies time?

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Homework and Emergencies Emergency UNIX and Linux Support Is there any way to set the files modified date and stamp to last modifies time?
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MySQL Is there any way to set the files modified date and stamp to last modifies time?

Actually i did modification in a file on server by mistake, now its showing current time stamp, is there any way to set the files modified date and stamp to last modifies time.

Please advice here.Thanks in advance.Smilie
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Restore a backup.
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Assuming that you didn't change the file content and that you know the required timestamp, you could use the unix "touch" command to correct the timestamp. Depending on the circumstances, referring to your backup records could help find out the timestamp.
There can be implications on whether backup software will notice that the file has changed.
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the GNU touch command is pretty useful here. You can set the modification, access or (default) inode times. You can set them by reference to another file or via a specific date string.
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Try touch command

if files present time stamp is may 10 10:24

Modify ur file, then give the following command

touch -t 200805101024 filename

Decomposition of 200805101024
2008 year , 05 - month number , date, time
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hey i played unix for like 1 day then it lost connection and i cant play anymore? could you help me?
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wrong place and wrong post

open a new thread and post your question
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