frustrated "No match on" regular expression

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frustrated "No match on" regular expression

[frustrated "No match on" regular expression]
attempt to filter "dsl.[many]
. . .any pointers?

# attempt at egrep regular expression to match 
# adsl-63-199-245-128.dsl.snd []
* ^Received:.*dsl+\.[-a-z0-9_]+\.pacbell+\.net
  LOG="(PacBell DSL)  "

procmail: [11390] Sat Apr 17 13:57:12 2004
procmail: No match on "^Received:*dsl+\.[-a-z0-9_]+\.pacbell+\.net"
procmail: Assigning "VERBOSE=no"
From  Sat Apr 17 13:57:12 2004
  Folder: /var/spool/mail/frank                                         1307

Apr 17 13:57:12 mailhost sendmail[11384]: i3HHv4Q11384: from=, size=883, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<>, proto=SMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=adsl-63-199-245-128.dsl.snd []

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re_comp(3C)						   Standard C Library Functions 					       re_comp(3C)

re_comp, re_exec - compile and execute regular expressions SYNOPSIS
#include <re_comp.h> char *re_comp(const char *string); int re_exec(const char *string); DESCRIPTION
The re_comp() function converts a regular expression string (RE) into an internal form suitable for pattern matching. The re_exec() func- tion compares the string pointed to by the string argument with the last regular expression passed to re_comp(). If re_comp() is called with a null pointer argument, the current regular expression remains unchanged. Strings passed to both re_comp() and re_exec() must be terminated by a null byte, and may include NEWLINE characters. The re_comp() and re_exec() functions support simple regular expressions, which are defined on the regexp(5) manual page. The regular expressions of the form {m}, {m,}, or {m,n} are not supported. RETURN VALUES
The re_comp() function returns a null pointer when the string pointed to by the string argument is successfully converted. Otherwise, a pointer to one of the following error message strings is returned: No previous regular expression Regular expression too long unmatched ( missing ] too many () pairs unmatched ) Upon successful completion, re_exec() returns 1 if string matches the last compiled regular expression. Otherwise, re_exec() returns 0 if string fails to match the last compiled regular expression, and -1 if the compiled regular expression is invalid (indicating an internal error). ERRORS
No errors are defined. USAGE
For portability to implementations conforming to X/Open standards prior to SUS, regcomp(3C) and regexec(3C) are preferred to these func- tions. See standards(5). SEE ALSO
grep(1), regcmp(1), regcmp(3C), regcomp(3C), regexec(3C), regexpr(3GEN), regexp(5), standards(5) SunOS 5.11 26 Feb 1997 re_comp(3C)

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