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Old 01-06-2019
Originally Posted by Peasant
Wouldn't it be more wider to not limit to 'Docker' but a more general 'Containers' ?
This would, in theory, cover all possible container variations, starting from zones, jails to any kubernets implementation (docker, c-rio etc.)
The 'containers' would be a focal point to seek advice about all single kernel virtualization techs and their implementations such as docker swarm, openshift, zoneclusters etc.
It's a very big topic regarding security, implementation, network layer (vxlans), various APIs and build/versioning tools.
Sure Peasant, what Neo mentioned is correct. I am as of now learning only Docker so my knowledge is limited to it. If you have knowledge or you are learning other stuff related to containers please do share with all here, we all be happy to learn. If you have worked on a Project then you could share that tooSmilie That is purpose of my thread starting so that we all learn from each other.

One BIG reason is to PULL users in these new technologies in too so that more people visit forums + it will help all to learn more when more questions will come here.

I would highly encourage anyone who wants to share on any type of container technology OR any emerging technology kindly do so, I am a beginner in Docker but my target is to share things here at least once or twice in a week. As I always say "More we share, more we learn" Smilie

R. Singh

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