Gkrellm Linux HD Monitor needs a hddtemp deamon ?

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Operating Systems Linux Debian Gkrellm Linux HD Monitor needs a hddtemp deamon ?
# 1  
Debian Gkrellm Linux HD Monitor needs a hddtemp deamon ?

Hi ,
i have enclosed a picture of gkrellm configuration.
MX16 Debian Jessie Linux.

For showing the temperature the software needs a hddtemp daemon running on port 7634 !

How to make that daemon ?

A cool task. I dont know anything about that.

Perhaps the commandline tool hddtemp is sending the data over port 7634 on the computer.

Can someone help ?

# 2  
Plugging 7364 and hddtemp into google finds man hddtemp.

hddtemp --daemon

I suspect it needs the daemon because hddtemp would require root to access the hard drive directly, and you shouldn't be running gkrellm as root.
# 3  
You have to set the setuid bit on hddtemp, which may slightly increase the security risk. That's why Debian does not have it by default.

sudo chmod +s /usr/sbin/hddtemp

Ethan Stark
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