Debian install - kernel panic

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Debian install - kernel panic

Hello all,

I would like to install Debian Jessie on my i386
When I boot from the installiso I see the menu and pick 'install'. The bios beeps once immediately and I get the following output:

Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
I 've tried 3 cd's already...(md5 sum=ok) this computer always ran Debian before..what can I do to get past this error so I can install from cd again?
Thanks for any help/ideas
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It means it's not detecting your hard drive for whatever reason.

What's your hardware?
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Thank you
My hd is ATA, and it still boots my previous installation.
I just tried an old debbie installcd (that used to work for sure) but I get the same error now. Smilie
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The installer plainly doesn't care that your previous installation still works so neither do I.

It matters less to the hard drive drivers what your hard drive is than what your hard drive controller is. An "ATA" hard drive sounds extremely old, which might be a problem, unless you meant "serial ATA".
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Computerhardware is about 5 years old.. it is an IDE disk, with the old thick connector and wide parallel cables. There 's only one HD.
All previous debbies installed and ran fine.. o o what did they change

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PATA became rare over 10 years ago. I suspect your computer's older than 5 years.

You probably have to tell it to load libata before boot. It's probably not even finding your cdrom without it.
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If you're saying that you have a install CD that used to work on that machine but now doesn't, try setting all fields in your BIOS to default.

Sometimes changes to BIOS settings (eg, ROM shadowing) can do this sort of thing.
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