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Problems with wlan0 configuration


dhcp, etc network interfaces, resolv.conf, wlan

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Old Unix and Linux 07-09-2013   -   Original Discussion by adiegorpc
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Problems with wlan0 configuration

Hi I'm getting some troubles trying to create a Debian wheeze 7 from a vm using VMware from a laptop which I get lan and internet connection by a wireless router.
The first problem is that I'm a bit lost trying to configure the wlan to get lan and internet connection.
I've read about that I gotta install wpasupplicant but when I've tried to do as root user apt-get install wpasupplicant and I've got a message like this:

"Package wpasupplicant is not available, but is referred to another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted or is only available in from another source
E: Package 'wpasupplicant' has no installation candidate"

On the other hand, could someone tell me how to configure /etc/network/interfaces and etc/resolv.conf (if this is necessary) after the last step?. I have a router with WPA2-PSK password and I'm using DHCP

Well sorry try to understand that I'm a guy learning on my own at home and a beginner!

Thank you so much for reading and answer!
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Old Unix and Linux 07-09-2013   -   Original Discussion by adiegorpc
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is your network device on your vmware set to bridged or something else? i have multiple linux and solaris installs on my windows laptop's vmware player environment and they have no issues connecting to the network through the host's current connection whether wired or wireless ...

btw, i just use the default eth0 or e1000g0 or non-loopback interface ...
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Old Unix and Linux 07-26-2013   -   Original Discussion by adiegorpc
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It sounds like what you have read may be a little dated. The wpasupplicant should already be found in the following locations by default on Debian:


If you're a beginner this may be easier to set up with a GUI like network-manager-gnome or network-manage-kde, depending on your desktop.

You may want to ensure this connection works without encryption turned on first. If this fails you would want to ensure vmware is detecting the card and determine if this is a vmware problem or a Linux problem.

If you are getting a connection with another interface like eth0 you may want to turn it off first, then bring up wlan0 or whatever interface it comes up on and run dhclient like so:

# ifconfig eth0 down
# ifconfig wlan0 up
# dhclient

Hopefully that will get you started.

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