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webdav share per user ldap authentication

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Operating Systems Linux Debian webdav share per user ldap authentication
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Old 01-04-2011
webdav share per user ldap authentication

hi all,

i have configured Apache with WEBDAV & my aim is sharing outlook calendars because we don't use M$ ExChange.

From outlook i did a simple test & am able to share a calendar.

I want to create share for each user & then authenticate against LDAP before they can publish their calendars.
E.g Only me who can publish(write) my calendar to folder named "coolatt" but others can subscribe & read(read-only) the calendar.


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csa_list_calendars(library call)										  csa_list_calendars(library call)

csa_list_calendars -- list the calendars supported by a calendar service SYNOPSIS
#include <xcsa.h> CSA_return_code csa_list_calendars( CSA_service_reference calendar_service, CSA_uint32 *number_names, CSA_calendar_user **calendar_names, CSA_extension *list_calendars_extensions); DESCRIPTION
The csa_list_calendars function lists all the calendars supported by the specified calendar service. The names of the calendars supported are returned in calendar_names, which is an array of CSA_calendar_users structures with number_names elements. It is implementation spe- cific what authority a calendar user needs to invoke this function. ARGUMENTS
Calendar Service (Service Reference) Specifies the calendar service. A NULL pointer will reference the default calendar service name. If the calendar service name is invalid, then the error CSA_E_INVALID_CALENDAR_SERVICE is returned. If the user is not sufficiently autho- rized to list the calendars on the calendar service, then the error CSA_E_NO_AUTHORITY is returned. List Calendars Extensions (Extension) A pointer to an array of CSA_extension structures for this function. The array may contain both input extensions for providing additional information to the function and output extensions for receiving information from the function. A value of NULL indicates that the caller is not using any extensions. See the extensions structure for more information. RETURN VALUE
Number Names (Uint32) A pointer to the number of calendar names returned in calendar_names. A value of zero indicates that no calendars are known to the calen- dar service. The error CSA_E_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY is returned if the service has insufficient memory to store the complete set of requested information. Calendar Names (Calendar User) A pointer to the array of calendar user structures, representing the calendars supported by the specified calendar service. This pointer is allocated by the service, and should be freed with a single call to csa_free(3). List Calendars Extensions (Extension) If output extensions were passed to the function in the extensions list, the results from the service will be available in the extension. See the extension structure for more information. Indicates whether the function succeeded or not, and, if not, why. It may be success or one of the values listed under ERRORS below. ERRORS
The csa_list_calendars function returns the following error values: CSA_E_FAILURE There was a general failure that does not fit the description of any other error code. CSA_E_INSUFFICIENT_MEMORY Insufficient memory was available to complete the requested operation. CSA_E_INVALID_CALENDAR_SERVICE The underlying calendar service is invalid, so logging on cannot be completed. CSA_E_INVALID_FLAG A flag value in the flags argument was invalid. CSA_E_INVALID_FUNCTION_EXT The function extension requested is invalid. CSA_E_INVALID_PARAMETER A function parameter was invalid. CSA_E_NO_AUTHORITY The user has insufficient authority for this function. CSA_E_NOT_SUPPORTED The operation requested is not supported by this implementation. CSA_E_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE The requested calendar service is unavailable. CSA_E_UNSUPPORTED_FUNCTION_EXT The specified function extension is not supported or CSA_EXT_REQUIRED is set. SEE ALSO
csa/csa.h - csacsa(5), csa_add_calendar(3), csa_add_entry(3), csa_call_callbacks(3), csa_delete_calendar(3), csa_delete_entry(3), csa_free(3), csa_free_time_search(3), csa_list_calendar_attributes(3), csa_list_entries(3), csa_list_entry_attributes(3), csa_list_entry_sequence(3), csa_logoff(3), csa_logon(3), csa_look_up(3), csa_query_configuration(3), csa_read_calendar_attributes(3), csa_read_entry_attributes(3), csa_read_next_reminder(3), csa_register_callback(3), csa_unregister_callback(3), csa_update_calen- dar_attributes(3), csa_update_entry_attributes(3). csa_list_calendars(library call)

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