Problems with Crontab not executing scripts after edit

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Operating Systems Linux Debian Problems with Crontab not executing scripts after edit
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Old 04-28-2010
Problems with Crontab not executing scripts after edit

Hi all

I installed Debian and i have a few scripts that outputs what is happening.

The wierd part...after fresh install all works ok but after i open or edit Crontab it stops executing the scripts...and scripts runs manually so its not a problem with scripts...what happens is that i usually edit files on ftp with flashfxp and maybe this is the cause..or they are pointing to another owner...i spent hours trying to understand why but i end up in a dead end so if anyone with any idea would be great cause im far from a linux expert.

is there a way to reinstall fresh crontab when this happens?

the only safe way to edit crontab is with vim or nano?

thanks a lot for your help "im reinstaling Debian for 5x" Smilie

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Old 04-28-2010
flashfxp and maybe this is the cause
You have answered your own question. cron is VERY picky about how the entry is formatted. Use the crontab command. Nothing else (maybe vi).
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Old 04-28-2010
If you transfer a text file such as a crontab to a Microsoft platform with FTP you must use ASCII mode in both directions or you will corrupt the file. Note the unix permissions before editing and correct them if you change them.
Always use "crontab" command to publish a crontab.
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Old 04-28-2010
thanks for all that replied

i tought that flashfxp was using ascii in both directions as i use it with other linux in other platforms as Dreambox and this never happened

even editing crontab

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